Hear it from my students!

“Tsha has had a profound impact on my dancing, both as a performer and teacher.  Her articulate, analytical style helped me to internalize aspects of technique with which I had previously struggled.  As an artist, she is extremely adept at drawing out feeling in her students, so that technique and interpretation are equally present in the final performance.  I grew immensely as a dancer under her mentorship, and recommend her highly to any amateur or professional who wishes to make dramatic, palpable improvements in his/her dancing.  She is amazing!”

Alison Hurwitz professional dancer/teacher/San Francisco

Debbie and I are always so impressed with Tsha’s ability to help us improve as dance partners and match such dynamic choreography to suite our capabilities because we live far away from each other and don’t get the opportunity to practice together often.  Teaching us to practice the right way made us more effective which helped not only improve our dancing but also our relationship as a couple.
John and Deborah Urban
San Diego California and Scranton Pennsylvania


“As a dancer, teacher and professonal competitor,  I have learned such a great deal from Tsha.  I appreciate that she doesn’t give too many details at one time making it easier to understand and assimilate what she is teaching.  She doesn’t teach hapazardly, but in a way that allows students to reach their goal as quickly as possible, whether for a competition or to improve their social dancing.  She understands how the  body works kinesthetically, why something works the way it does, as well as the most efficient way to make it happen.  I miss her teaching in the Bay Area!”

Angie Major professional dancer/teacher/San Francisco

“In the nearly 3 years that we’ve been coached by Tsha,  she has had a profound impact on our development as dancers.  She has all of the qualities that make her a top rate instructor.  With extensive knowledge and understanding of dance and performance technique, Tsha does a great job of breaking things down into manageable, easy to comprehend components.  She’s patient, supportive and very  motivating.  she really cares about her students and is personally invested in helping them reach their goals.  We couldn’t ask for more from her!”

Jason Bertram & Sirinda Sincharoen amateur rhythm competitors


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